Baseball was first played in England during the 18th century, this game later gained recognition during the late 19th century. The World Baseball Softball Confederation as the governing body recently organised the 2017 baseball series. The competition captured the latest world records of players that represented different teams in the history of Baseball. Read on to find out more about the most remarkable home runs in Major League Baseball.

Remarkable home runs

George Springs

Many compare the success of George Springs to that of a retired baseball star called Ruth Babe. The latter was considered a baseball star for so many years thanks to his talent on the field. Playing for the yankee team, he held home run records four times in a row from twenty nine to fifty four, to fifty nine and finally sixty. Babe Ruth retired from baseball with a whooping baseball home run title of about seven fourteen. Springs was the man of the hour during the 2017 world baseball series. Team Houston managed five points ahead of their rivals during inning two of the seventh game. This was made possible thanks to the prowess of George Springer who still managed to make his team shine in the fifth and six games. It was the second game of eleventh inning that finally rated him as the baseball player of the season.

Aaron Judge

The 2017 baseball series captured Aaron Judge as the only baseball player who managed to hit the most extended dinger across the Yankee stadium. An additional fifty two home runs rates Aaron as the best base baller in the rookie category.

Justine Turner

The mention of this baseball star takes us back to the times of Kirk Gibson. The latter is remembered to have won the MVP award in 1988 but before the World baseball series started, he could not join his team mates because he had suffered a knee injury. The media was already informing his fans that he could not make it to the pitch. This pushed him to nurse his knee using ice and to the surprise of many, Gibson took part in this series. Eventually, he performed magic in the pitch and his team beat the Dodgers.

Justin Turner hit his world record home run the same date Kirk Gibson set his record title.

Giancarlo Stanton

When playing the Miami season in August of last year, Stanton made a name in the baseball record as the only player who managed to clinch his home runs five times in five games. This awakens the memory of Bill Mazeeroki’s win.

In the second half of the Major League Baseball, Bill mazeroski a second baseman whose defence tactics was unmatched to any other player scored 11 home runs. Playing for Pittsburgh, this was considered the most remarkable home runs in the history of baseball. It is amazing to notice that Giancarlo Stanton is following in the footsteps of Bill and setting a better world record.


Joash Harrison

2017 baseball series captured the prowess of Joash as the player who hit his world record title in the 10th inning. The history of Major League baseball likens the achievement of Joash to Carlton. The latter participated in the 1975 World Series and showcased his talent in baseball. He performed one of his best runs through lifting the highest fly ball towards the left field line and causing confusion to the rival team. This earned him the honour of being included amongst one of the greatest best ball players of all time.


Baseball has maintained the title of not only being an interesting sport to watch but one with a memorable historical record. The World Baseball Soft ball Confederations being the governing body has received credit for making this happen in the history of baseball. Talented players across the world including George Springs, Aaron Judge, Justine Turner, Joash Harrison and Giancarlo Stanton have received global recognition for setting world record titles last season. Are there going to be other new record titles next season? My advice would be to tune in to the next season of the baseball series to witness players set jaw dropping baseball titles.