The Sisters that Dominated the World of Tennis

Fans of tennis, or sports in general, when hearing the words tennis, sisters and champion in a single sentence will assume that people are talking about the Williams sisters; Venus and Serena Williams. They are not the only siblings in history to become professional players within the same timeline and under one sport but what makes them standout are the sheer number of titles that they’ve won, their humble beginnings and how the power and athletic figure they have inspire people across continents; quite different from the players of agen sbobet.

Venus and Serena Williams

At the incredibly young age of four and three respectively, Venus and Serena Williams were trained by both their parents at a public tennis court. Richard Williams, their father, decided that he wanted to expose them to a tough neighborhood so they’d work hard and strive to get an education, hence he chose a court in Compton. The tennis court was filled with potholes, littered with drug paraphernalia and people would shout at the sisters whenever they practiced. A few years later, at the ages nine and ten, the sisters trained under a ‘proper’ coach and surprising absolutely no one, they improved even more.

All their hard work and effort paid off when Venus and Serena became professional tennis players at fourteen years old. They won tons of games, lost their fair share but overall the duo made an impact. Both Venus and Serena Williams held the title of ‘World’s Number One Player’ for females and whenever they teamed up for women’s doubles the trophy is almost always theirs to take home. The gamble that their parent took on their careers did not help the marriage, within ten years from the move to Florida for the duo’s career, Richard and his wife Yetunda divorced but remain close for their daughters’ careers.