Short Biography of Christian Capozzoli

Christian Capozzoli is an American actor, author and improviser that is one of the best improv acts and instructors worldwide. He has worked with legendary comedic experts, and is a part of various theater club in USA. Moreover, he has published his own books, while remaining active in different projects all over the globe.

Knowing a Brief Biography of Christian Capozzoli

Born in Rochester, New York, Christian Capozzoli is a son of Louis and Rita Capozzoli, and have gained a degree of BFA in writing, literature and publishing. He has a Masters’ Degree in Literature and Education as well, both becoming a large part of his present career in the entertainment industry.

Mister Capozzoli is also an advocate, instructor and practitioner of the improvisation technique in performing arts. The Improv is a style of performing on theater that involves on-the-spot performances without relying on any scripts. One just have to take hints from things, people and situations around him on a given time, and creatively pull it out in a full act. With his skills, he has worked with different experts in comedic performing, both from theater and film, and gave him the recognition of being one of the world’s top improvisers.

Away from performing arts, Christian Capozzoli is also a skilled writer and author. He has published various essays and short stories, and has launched a full-length novel through self-publication. Such novel is the “Jetsam County”, which tells the story about an area in America where a spaceship crashed and affected the people living in the place.

Knowing more about Christian Capozzoli can surely lead you to learn more about the improv technique. Moreover, you can stumble upon his literary works, or watch his shows and acts on theater and films. You can also visit his official website to learn more about him.