Red Flags In Taxi Services

If you’re a traveler, the most common kind of public utility vehicle you would encounter in major airports throughout the world would most definitely have to be the taxi, also known in other countries as the cab. This is most especially true in Vietnam, where the taxi nội bài về hà nội giá rẻ, for they are abundant and can be, therefore, be easily hailed. There are several types of Taxis in NoiBai airport you could possibly come across, and therefore, one has to be careful with regards to the one you end up choosing. Having said this, if you’re travelling to Vietnam via NoiBai, then here are some of the Taxi types you would want to avoid.

No Taxi Meter

The taxi meter is the single most accurate, most transparent means in order for you to determine how much worth of fare you would be paying. Do not ride a taxi without any meter, as this would give drivers the opportunity for them to overcharge and take advantage of you as a passenger, which would eventually cause you to spend much money that you would supposedly have.

No Brand nor Mark

These Taxis could be called “colorum” taxis. Vietnam has its range of premium taxis, and one should keep an eye on any of these if you do wish to be extra safe. Taxis not having any brand or mark on them are suspicious, and above all, are illegal in nature, which basically robs legal taxis of the opportunity to make a decent living.

Rude, Informal Drivers

Smoking, Impolite drivers, fast and imprudent drivers, are all a big no-no. If you wish your ride to safe, and if you want to have peace of mind in a country which is not your home, make sure to avoid drivers of this kind.