How To Choose the Best Tig Welder For Home Use?

When shopping for home equipment and accessories, many people forget to add a tig welder in their bucket list. That is because of the perception thatatig welder is not vitaland a basic home equipment; some also consider welding a profession best left for experts. While true in part, incorporating a home tig welding unit among your priced home equipment can go a long way in helping you fixand repair your home. It can save you the time and money of contacting a welder as you will now be responsible for your own welding. In case you decide to buy yourself a tig welderyou will have to choosecarefully.

Best Home Tig Welder Tips

  • Check Power Amperage Range

Amperage is the strength of electric current that the Tig welder has. A good tig welder usually has awide amperage range and not a narrow one. That is because the latter one does not allow welding of a wide variety of

  • Should have lower Amperage Welding Performance

Aside from the wide amperage range, a Tig machine should also have an arc stability that is below 10 amperes. This ensures that it can start and operate efficiently and with a better use of heat /frequency.

  • Direct and Alternating Current Options

Depending on your future welding plans, a good tig welder should be one that has both Direct and Alternating current. Alternating Current (AC) is for soft metals like magnesium, while direct Current DC is for hard metals like steel, deoxidized copper just to mention a few.

  • Easy to use

A good Tig machine should be user friendly; it should be easy to operate and control.


When picking a tig welder that is best for your home, it is important to research widely as Amperage range, Welding performance and an easy to use welder are only few of the factors thatcan help you settle on the best tig welder

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