Common Linen Fabrics Used In Weddings

One of the basic elements that seem to be indispensable when it comes to decorating wedding venues definitely has to be wedding linens. These are sheets that are lined on tables and chairs, making them look less bare and more elegant. Cloths can come in different colors, and a wide array of fixtures can be placed to bring even more life and elegance to these tables and chairs. This is something that rent linen services can help you with, although most of the time, these services are also tied up with wedding planning and management services. If you want to know what your options are, here are some common fabrics used for wedding linen.


If you want to see your tables and chairs being nice and lustrous, then Satin is one of your best bets. These can either be made of synthetic materials like polyester, and more expensive ones can be made with natural silk. These are thick and durable, and are perfect for events that call for an indoor banquet as it complements the lighting indoors while making the vibe of the event more elegant and romantic.


Another cloth that’s made of polyester fibers or silk is Damask, or Flocking Damask, to be more specific. It’s also just as pretty as satin, but it takes this pretty up a notch as these usually come in prints and patters rather than just a uniform color. This is best for more highly specific themes for weddings, and if the couples and guests are more adventurous.


If you opt for a simple type of cloth, then Cotton is a great buy. It is also one of the most highly-preferred for kitchens, as it is absorbent and can soak up spills and food stains. It often comes in white, making it one of the most versatile cloths you can get.