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The Best Way To Communicate With People

There have been a number of messengers that have been introduced in the market ever since smartphones were introduced however whatsapp manage to take over a majority of the market because of the convenient and reliable services that it has to offer. While WhatsApp managed to break the BBM market as well, it looks like WhatsApp is not going to manage to hold its number one position for a very long time. Kik messenger is one of the latest messengers in town that seem to become very popular with people mainly because unlike WhatsApp which is available only on smartphones Kik messenger is available on the computer as well. Another benefit of the Kik messenger is that you can download it on any mobile platform including iOS, Windows and Android as well as computers and Mac. If you are at work and you are not allowed to pull out your smartphone in between work, you can still connect with family and friends via kik messenger that can be opened on your computer. Unlike WhatsApp Kik uses kik user names in order for you to connect with other people. This means that you are not limited to speaking with the people who are on your contact list alone but you are allowed to connect with as many people as you would like who are on kik messenger.

One of the major problems of WhatsApp is that you could not speak to people whom you did not know however this is possible with Kik messenger. If you have no intention of speaking to unknown people you can simply privatize your account so only the people who have your ID can connect with you. Always remember to keep your Kik ID separate from your Twitter or your Instagram account because this is the easiest way for people to find you on Kik messenger.