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How to Know Your BMW Using the BMW VIN Decoder

The BMW VIN number decoder is a seventeen character sequence used to give you information of the vehicle.  VIN is an acronym for Vehicle Identifier Number. All vehicle manufacturers are required to fit all vehicles with this unique serial. Details that a BMW decoder can give you includes:vin_number_year_chart

  1. Engine type and specifications
  2. Interior and exterior layout of the vehicle
  3. Vehicle’s model year
  4. Report on accidents, illegally modified car parts, and many more.

Here is how BMW decoder can assist you to know about the car.vin_number

  1. Identity of the vehicle.

This is achieved by using the first three characters of the sequence. They are the world identifier code. Details one can get from these three characters include:

  1. Country the vehicle was manufactured in.
  2. Vehicle category e.g. passenger vehicle
  • Vehicle attributes.

Characters responsible for this are fourth to eighth. Together they are referred to as vehicle descriptor section. Here you get to know:

  1. The body style
  2. Model of the vehicle
  3. Engine type and automobile platform used.
  • Validate the BMW decoder.

The ninth digit in the sequence fills this task. An algorithm is deployed using the check digit, as it is known as, to authenticate the vehicle.

  • Vehicle model year.

The tenth digit in the sequence plays this role. Here you are assured of the exact model year of the vehicle.

  • Plant/factory the vehicle was manufactured in.

Character eleven, commonly referred to as plant code identifier is used to show the exact factory the vehicle was manufactured in. This further proves the authenticity of the vehicle.

  • Serial number.

Characters twelve to seventeen forms the serial/production number of the vehicle. The sequence of this serial number differs in different vehicles.


On top of all, you also get to know the mileage of the vehicle and more importantly the current price of the vehicle. Indeed BMW VIN number decoder is very helpful when looking to know more about the vehicle.