Best Qi Wireless Charger Available

Qi chargers have been around for quite some time but the members of the Wireless Power Consortium have never been this many; the entire industry group has estimated 220 members which include international device manufacturers like Samsung and Apple and accessory producers such as Mophie and Belkin. Because of the ever growing number of customers and clients that want to get their hands on quality Qi charger, hence to meet the demand we have an incredible number and variation of wireless chargers. Of course since they’re not an ideal collection, we only want one durable Qi charger.

Samsung EP-PG920 Wireless Charging Pad

The Samsung EP-PG920 lets the user charge their phones in style thanks to its sleek design. Any compatible Galaxy device as any other device that supports Qi technology can be charged on the wireless Samsung EP-PG920. All the user has to do is plug the charging pad on a reliable power source and place the device right on top of the pad, the device should automatically begin to charge. No more lost cables and tangled wires whenever your device needs a quick charge.

The charging pad is ready to use any time and you’ll still be able to use the device as you’re charging. By placing the device properly on the charging area, charging time is optimized. A handy little LED indicator will turn on in order to notify the use if the device is not properly aligned; the LED turns blue if it’s aligned properly. Applicable only to those using the Galaxy S6 or Edge, you’ll be alerted when the device has finished charging through the LED light by turning green. On every purchase, an extra Samsung 2A charger is included. Take note, if any charger below 2A or any non-Samsung charger is used, the charging pad may be damaged.