Why should you advertise with The Ropolitans? As your number one general magazine, we provide a variety of opportunities to help you build your brand and get your promotions through our list of loyal readers.

Check out our advertisement options below.

Sponsorship Button

Our buttons are sized at 125 x 125 and will be easily viewed on each page on our site. All sponsored buttons will be located under the heading of sponsors on our list. While the location of the display advertisement will be set at random, we believe that this aims to provide equal exposure to our advertisers.

Striped Button Advertisement

Our striped advertisements will be displayed with a text that is shown along the top of our website. The striped button ad will be the first element to load on our site as well as the first thing our readers will see during their visit. This ad will have a limit of 40 characters.

Sponsored Embedded Advertisement

Our embedded advertisement option has the size of 300 x 250. This ad will be shown on each page of your website. The advertisement will go in the rotation to be shown on a regular basis. It is important to keep in mind that all animation is allowed except for the use of Flash.

All advertisement options are sold on a monthly basis. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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